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We are a 500 acre family owned certified organic farm which is operated by Lincoln, Shelly, and Toby Clark. We raise grass-fed beef and all their hay and pasture. Our cattle receive no antibiotics, hormones, or grain; only pasture and our hay. They are raised here from birth on our farm and are available to you as quarters, halves, and whole beef. We take reservations for custom processed beef anytime for various availability dates throughout the year. Your carefully processed, clear wrapped, and labeled beef is then available for pickup. You can be sure that our 100% grass-fed beef is of the highest quality you will find anywhere.

Why Choose Us?


  • Our cattle are 100% grass fed. They graze in the summer and enjoy our hay in the winter. We have been raising these cattle and their ancestors here since 1985 with no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, or grain. The beef that we provide is some of the finest available anywhere ‘as we are told again and again’ by all of our customers. You can simply give us a call and we will answer any of your questions and can reserve a beef half or quarter anytime and we will strive to make it available as soon as possible.
  • 500 acres completely free of any pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use since 1978. 
  • 100's of acres devoted to the organic production of legumes, hay and pasture, along with a 100 head cattle herd. 
  • Beef is custom processed locally, clear wrapped, and labeled specifically for you. 
  • No parasiticides, antibiotics, hormones or growth regulators, insecticides, or herbicides are used. 
  • Renew America national sustainability awards to Roseland Organic Farms since 1990.

Purchasing Details:


Perhaps you have come to our website because, like many, you are trying to find out where you can purchase our beef now that it is no longer available in your local store. Or, perhaps, you are trying to find out where you can find grass fed organic local beef for the first time. In either case we are glad you are here.

We apologize to you if you are one of the hundreds who have acquired our beef for years in one of the many fine stores throughout Michigan, Northern Indiana and Ohio that we were so grateful to have supplied. The many decades of serving you in this way has allowed us to work with some of the finest individuals and organizations in this region. The decision to no longer supply these fine stores was a very difficult decision to make, but this change was necessary. 

       We continue to provide our beef to anyone who would be willing to partner with us in this endeavor. By that we mean, you can purchase beef quarters, halves and wholes that would be custom processed specifically for you via a small processor that is near us. Then these can be picked up there, at the farm, or delivered to you. So in a sense you would be partnering with us as we navigate together our little food web designed to provide you our beef as efficiently as possible.

Simply contact us anytime to reserve your order. We take reservations throughout the year. Orders are picked up here by appointment. We certainly appreciate and prefer direct discussions and questions so call anytime as well.





For years visitors to the farm have reveled in the beauty here and what better way to honor that beauty than to host outdoor weddings. This site is semi wooded and near our vast green fields. We will be offering this space for weddings as we consider the creation of a premiere wedding and event venue nearby in what we like to call 'Sweet Meadow'. If you would be interested in discussing a potential wedding here please contact us anytime.



Our Heritage

John Clark (1938-2006), Ph.D., biochemistry, University of California; Worked as a postdoctoral fellow and research associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; taught at the University of Notre Dame.  Research associate at Miles Laboratories, Elkhart, In.  John borrows his research, biological and chemistry know-how from university/research background to provide solid footing to the operation of this large, diverse and all-organic farm.

Merrill Clark, journalist, former Chairperson for Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance; member of charter National Organic Standards Board (USDA), 1992-1996; member of Michigan Organic Advisory Committee (Michigan Department of Agriculture).

Lincoln and Shelly Clark along with their children Emily, Landon, and Grace (Managers)

Toby Clark (co-manager) keeps a handle on a major portion of the cattle (cow/calf) herd at his farm/pastures just outside the Village of Cassopolis on M-60. He also concentrates on hay cutting and baling, for organic feed for the cattle throughout the winter.


"Outstanding customer service. Very friendly and helpful. We love doing business locally. Thank you for being there, Roseland, and thank you for providing top notch products." - Jennifer Dewey Wolf

"Excellent beef! Also, very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful customer service. Looking forward to purchasing from Roseland Organic Farms again!" - Ella Goodwin

"The best beef and pork that I have ever had!" - Carol Gokey

"I love this place, great quality meat." - Ojosverde Anna Sanchez

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